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How long has ADOIL been in business?
Do you have an office in the USA?
What are ADOIL’s hours of operation?
What type of stuffing box does the TITAN Fit?
How does the TITAN Fair in extreme weather?
What maintenance is associated with the TITAN unit?
What is the average lifespan of a TITAN unit?
Can I move a TITAN unit from one pumpjack to another?
Can the TITAN unit remain on the stuffing box while the well is being serviced?
How easy is the product to install?
Can the TITAN units be installed in the winter?
What are the benefits of a wellhead containment strategy?
What is the TITAN made of?
What differentiates a TITAN from other containment units?
Does ADOIL sell direct or through a distribution chain?
Who distributes ADOIL products in Canada?
How do I become a distributor?
Does ADOIL offer a discount on volume purchases?
Does ADOIL have a return/exchange policy?
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